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Seminole County, FL is a wonderful place to live, but it does have the hot and humid weather Florida is known for. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall months, the air conditioner is used almost constantly. During the winter, the heating system will be needed for the few days it gets very cold outside. All of the use means it’s imperative homeowners and business owners keep their HVAC system in good shape, so they don’t have to worry about the house or office reaching 90 degrees in just a few hours in the summer when the air conditioner stops working. When any help is needed for the heating and air, for commercial and residential properties, professional assistance is available.

New Air Conditioner Installations

For new-build homes or new construction offices, a new air conditioner is essential. For older homes or buildings, if the air conditioner isn’t working right anymore or is older, it may be a good time to look into purchasing and installing a new one. Choosing a new air conditioner needs to be done carefully, as it needs to be able to cool the home or office without causing higher than expected energy bills or struggling to work. Still, it shouldn’t be too big for the building, either, or the homeowner is wasting money each month. For a new installation, always work with a professional in HVAC in Seminole county, as they can recommend the right air conditioner for the home.

HVAC Maintenance Services

In Florida, with how much the air conditioner is used throughout the year, it’s imperative to keep up with regular maintenance services. Professionals in HVAC in Seminole County can visit the home once or twice per year and do a thorough inspection of the HVAC system. If anything looks worn or like it could fail soon, it can be fixed right away. This leads to fewer potential problems throughout the year and lessens the potential for the HVAC system to completely stop working when it’s needed the most. Homeowners who have regular maintenance done also tend to see their HVAC system continue in good working condition longer, so they don’t have to purchase a replacement as quickly.

HVAC Repairs

Sometimes, despite maintenance services, repairs will be needed. It’s important to know the signs that something is wrong with the air conditioner and then contact the professionals as soon as possible to have the repair done. Holding off just allows the issue to get worse, meaning there’s a higher chance of the HVAC system stopping completely or of the repair becoming much more expensive to fix. Instead, if any of the signs mentioned below are noticed or there are any other signs that something isn’t quite right, go ahead and have the HVAC system inspected. It’s always better to have an inspection done and get the repairs completed faster instead of worrying about when it will stop working completely.

How to Know it’s Time to Call the Pros

It can be hard to know when it’s time to call a professional for help with HVAC in the Seminole County FL area. However, there are signs to watch out for, including the following.

  • A higher than expected electrical bill
  • Strange noises or smells
  • The air conditioner turns on and off frequently
  • Air conditioner running constantly
  • The air conditioner not running at all

Repair Versus Replacement

When something does go wrong, it’s easy to worry that the air conditioner will need to be replaced and can’t be repaired. In most cases, repairs are possible and can get the issues fixed faster without the high cost of replacement. However, if the air conditioner suffers a catastrophic issue that is costly to repair or it seems to need repairs multiple times per year to keep working, it’s time to think about a replacement, instead. Replacements are far more energy-efficient and will last longer without needing to be repaired. A professional can provide advice on whether repairing or replacing is the better option based on the issues the air conditioner is having and has recently had.

It’s no fun to sit in the humidity and heat waiting for the air conditioner to be fixed or to start cooling the home again. Instead, at the first sign of any issues, call the pros for Ac and Heating Repair in Seminole County FL. They’ll make sure everything is working properly and do any necessary repairs to help keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Commercial and residential services are available, so call today to set up a time for maintenance or repairs and make sure the home or building stays cool throughout the hottest months of the year.

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