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commercial acCommercial property owners must set up maintenance and repairs for their heating and cooling systems. The units must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend their longevity. If the units aren’t serviced properly, they could fail prematurely. This could increase costs for the property owners.

HVAC professionals perform a variety of services for business owners. They inspect the heating and cooling systems and determine where the problem is. The technicians will also create an estimate for all repairs or replacement services. The service providers give the property owners a warranty for all new systems they install.

They can also help property owners determine when it is time to replace an existing heating or cooling system. The service providers provide the owner with a full catalog of products. The owners can compare the price and maintenance costs for each system to make a well-informed decision.

Checking the System for Blockages

With commercial HVAC services, technicians inspect the heating and cooling systems for blockages first. Blockages prevent air from distributing throughout the building and keeping it at a comfortable temperature.

Seasonal cleaning services are a plus for managing blockages and cleaning out all debris inside the units. The technicians clean the entire system and each component. Fan motors and fans must be cleaned to ensure that the air circulates correctly.

Does the Thermostat Work?

The thermostat must gauge the room temperatures correctly and engage the system. If it is not working properly, the thermostat may engage the systems too frequently. Frequent cycling drives up energy costs and consumption.

The technicians test the thermostat for proper function and determine if there are any drafts around the thermostat. Drafts could cause the thermostat to gauge irregular temperatures. A Commercial HVAC technician in Apopka, FL tests the calibration and functionality of the thermostat. If it is not working properly, they will either repair or replace the thermostat.

Is the Owner Using the Right Air Filters?

Air filters are just as important as any other services technicians provide. When cleaning out the systems, the service providers will change out the air filters and replace them with new filters. They will measure the system and ensure that the filter is the correct size for the heating or cooling unit. The service providers offer advice for property owners if the filters aren’t managing debris properly.

Is the Ductwork Damaged?

Damaged ductwork could allow air to leak underneath the property. If the service provider cannot repair the ductwork, it is time to consider a replacement. The property owner could get more use-value from the heating or cooling units if they have new ductwork installed.

Gas and Refrigerant Leaks

Gas and refrigerant leaks present the owner and others inside the building with serious risks. If there is a gas leak, the property could become damaged, and workers could get injured. Gas leaks lead to fires and explosions. With refrigerant leaks, an AC unit will not produce adequate cool air to keep the property comfortable during the summer.

How Old Is the HVAC System?

The age of the heating or cooling system determines if it is time to replace the system altogether. An HVAC system lasts up to 15 years before it shows significant signs of wear and tear. If there is an existing warranty, the property owner could get some coverage from the manufacturer. This could make it more affordable to install a new unit.

commercial ac

Where to Get HVAC Services

AC² HVAC Services Inc. provides exceptional heating and cooling services for all property owners in their service area. The service provider completes a variety of tasks including inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and new installations. The business has a long history of excellent services, and they provide a warranty for all their services. Property owners can learn more about setting up Commercial HVAC repair in Apopka, FL by contacting us directly for an appointment.

Commercial property owners need to set up services for their heating or cooling systems at the first sign of issues. If the system isn’t operating properly, it won’t keep the property at a comfortable temperature. Business owners must maintain the systems to keep their workers comfortable and decrease OSHA violations.

Proper maintenance and repairs can improve the way the heating or cooling system works. When completing maintenance services, the technician cleans out the unit and changes air filters. They test all components and ensure that the components work correctly. Business owners can get more use-value from their heating or cooling systems by setting up repairs or new installations.

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