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Ductless AC Systems

Property owners find they have options when it comes to heating and cooling their residence. Many individuals discover installing central air conditioning in the home would be cost-prohibitive, as doing so would require the walls to be removed for ductwork installation. Other people learn one or two areas in the home don’t cool as well as the main residence and they aren’t sure how to resolve this situation.

Ductless Ac would be a viable solution for the two examples mentioned above, and property owners find it to be of help in countless other scenarios. What exactly is this type of system? What are the benefits of choosing this option, and how can a homeowner know when something is going wrong with their mini-split AC?

Benefits of  Ductless Systems

A ductless AC works much like a central air conditioning unit, but it doesn’t come with the ductwork central cooling systems require. Air circulates throughout the residence with the help of separate units for each room. The system comes with an indoor unit and an outdoor one. The indoor unit pulls warm air from the residence and moves it over evaporator coils. Refrigerant runs through the coils and is used to remove the heat from the air. It then sends the warm air to the outdoor unit where the process begins anew.

Each room serviced by a mini-split system receives its own unit. However, all indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. Homeowners won’t need to give up valuable space on their property for multiple units, which they are sure to appreciate.

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Just like other AC systems, ductless AC systems need regular maintenance to keep them operating at their peak performance. Our ductless AC maintenance plan includes everything you need to keep your system running properly year round. Contact us to learn more!

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