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AC² HVAC Services installs all popular makes and models, including split systems. Our expert technicians will guide you every step of the way – from choosing the best system for your space to mainteance and energy considerations.

Residential AC Installation

Decinging to install a new HVAC system in your home is a big decision. Let our experts guide your every step of the way, from helping you understand SEER ratings to how much AC system your home needs to reach maximum cooling. 

Mini-Split Units

Ductless AC units (mini-splits) have become more popular in recent years due to their efficiency and ease of mainteance. We install and service all makes/models of ductless systems. 

When is it time to Repair or Replace?

There are two major factors to consider regarding replacement.

COMFORT: temperatuture, humidity, discomfort in some rooms, big temperatture swings, safety.

ECONOMY: warranty, utility over payments, inflation, age of equipment, todays rapair cost, future repair costs, reliability, operating hours.

This table shows when you should consider replacing your AC system rather than repairing, to protect both your budget and comfort.

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How Much Does a New AC System Cost?

New AC System cost depends on many factors. First, the size of the property that needs cooled. Depending on the age of your property and the location of your existing equipment, also factor into the cost of installation. Finally, the brand and life expectancy of the new equipment also factor into the final price. Want to get an idea of how much it will cost?

How Long Does an AC Install Take?

Depending on the location of your existing AC system, whether ductwork or additional work is needed is what determines the amount of time. Generally, an installation will take 4-8 hours to complete. If ductwork or line sets are also needed, the installation can take up to one week.

What do the New Seer Ratings Mean to Me?

Beginning in January 2023, the US government enacted new seer ratings. These changes have many exciting perks. Contact us to learn more about the new SEER ratings and rebates available to you when you install ones of tgese new systems.

What are my financing options?

Purchasing an AC system can be a tough decision. For homeowners struggling with high energy bills, the added expense can seem intimidating. However, if you’re replacing an AC system more than 10 years old, the good news is your energy bills will decrease, augmenting the cost of installing a new system. AC² HVAC Services offers flexible financing options for homeowners who qualify. To learn more about our financing options, please click here.

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