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Homeowners must set up routine maintenance for their cooling systems each year. The services help technicians identify any problem areas that could prevent the systems from working. They test the systems for common issues and leaks. Any systems that are no longer viable must be replaced before the start of summer. 

HVAC professionals can provide recommendations for new units or new services that improve older units. The technicians can provide complete estimates for repairs or replacement services for cooling or heating systems. An annual inspection is a must to find problem areas before the system fails.

When reviewing all the services, property owners must find the best time to schedule routine maintenance. The services could help them avoid any summer months without AC and keep their properties cooler. They can also avoid certain health hazards related to extreme temperatures.

Seasonal Cleaning Services 

An Ac Tune-Up starts with seasonal cleaning services to clean out all debris that accumulated between seasons. Professionals recommend setting up seasonal cleaning before the start of the new season.

It is the best way to get a fresh start and eliminate any blockages in the system. The air will circulate through the property effectively, and they won’t have to worry about blockages that cause overheating or poor air quality.

Proper Lubrication for All Moving Parts

HVAC Maintenance in Apopka, FL applying proper lubricants onto all moving parts. If the gears are not lubricated correctly, they will grind and cause serious damage inside the unit. The owner will have to set up repairs or replacement services prematurely. They may face a complete system breakdown if the damage is more severe. Technicians know how much lubrication to apply to protect the moving parts.

Testing for Drafts and Thermostat Issues

Thermostats could malfunction if there’s a draft or direct sunlight is shining on the component. If the thermostat malfunctions, the technicians find where the draft is coming from and seal off the property. If it is direct sunlight causing the problem, the technician will recommend window coverings or blinds. If the thermostat is the problem, the homeowner will need a brand-new thermostat to engage the systems properly.

Changing Out the Air Filters

Air filters must be changed out at least once a month. The technicians will review how much dust accumulates inside the unit and recommend how often the owner should change the filters. If they have pets, it is recommended that the property owners should change filters at least twice a month. A cleaner filter helps the owner keep the heating or system cleaner. Air filters collect all debris and improve indoor air quality.

Inspecting the Ductwork

The ductwork must be damage-free, and the technician will inspect the ductwork for problems. If the ductwork is damaged, it must be repaired to prevent air leaks. If the ductwork is too damaged, the property owner will need to set up replacement services. New ductwork could provide better airflow for the property owner and keep their property more comfortable.

Checking Refrigerant Levels 

The refrigerant levels must stay at the recommended reading. Technicians will use gauges to test the current levels. If they are too low, the technician will recharge the system. If there is a leak, the technician will need to repair the leak and restore the refrigerant levels. Refrigerant levels help the units produce cool air.

Where to Get HVAC Services

AC² HVAC Services Inc. provides exceptional heating and cooling systems for all property owners in their service areas. The service provider completes a variety of necessary services including repairs, routine maintenance, inspections, and new installations. We have a great history of superb services and guarantees all services they perform. Property owners can learn more about setting up AC Tune-Up in Apopka, FL by contacting us now for an appointment.

Homeowners need dedicated cooling services to keep their properties at a comfortable temperature throughout summer. If the systems aren’t performing properly, the owner could face extreme temperatures without air conditioning. Before the start of the season, experts recommend setting up routine maintenance to clean out the system and test for issues.

HVAC professionals perform routine cleaning services to remove all debris. They test all major components to ensure they work as expected. The technicians will evaluate the lubrication for all moving parts and examine them for damage. They also change out air filters and make recommendations for repairs or replacement services. Homeowners can get more out of their air conditioning systems with routine maintenance services.

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