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AC Installation in Apopka, Florida

AC installationIs it time for a new air conditioning unit for your home? Many homeowners never stop to ask this question but wait until the unit fails completely or needs a costly major repair before recognizing the time has come for Ac Installation in Apopka, Florida. However, certain signs indicate it’s time to call in an experienced HVAC team to undertake this project. Homeowners need to look for these signs and make the call promptly so they’re never without AC on the hottest days of the year.

Signs an Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

When the AC unit is ten years old or older, homeowners need to recognize its time for an AC installation team to visit the home. The efficiency of the unit decreases over time because of wear and tear, and regular maintenance can only help so much. In addition, newer HVAC models are more energy-efficient than their older siblings. A homeowner will find they save money each month by having a new system installed.

Frequent repairs suggest the time has come to replace the HVAC unit. Furthermore, it might be that the system no longer meets the needs of the home and must run longer to keep the residence at a comfortable temperature. Finally, older AC units use expensive R-22 Freon. If you notice any of these issues with your current HVAC system, call us and we’ll have an HVAC technician in Apopka, Florida come out to discuss your options with you.

Properly Sizing the HVAC Unit

Bigger is better when it comes to an HVAC unit, or so many homeowners believe. This isn’t the case, however. A system that is too large for the home leads to inefficient cooling and wasted money. In contrast, an undersized unit won’t cool the home. To ensure the HVAC system cools the home in an efficient manner, our technicians carry out a load calculation.

Many elements play a role in HVAC unit sizing. The home’s size factors into the equation, but the technician must also determine which type of windows are in the home, how much insulation is present, whether the home remains in the sun or shade most of the day, and more. Overlooking any one of these elements could lead to the system not offering the optimal level of heating and cooling in an efficient manner.

Systems that are too large for the residence short cycle. This means they turn on and off quickly, which allows the home to cool but doesn’t address humidity. The home feels damp and the occupants aren’t comfortable. Longer run times allow the air conditioner to not only cool the air but to remove this moisture.

As the air makes its way through the HVAC system, it moves over a cold evaporator coil. This leads to the water vapor condensing. A system needs approximately 15 minutes to remove enough moisture from the air to be effective, which is why short run times don’t benefit the homeowner.

If you suspect your unit isn’t properly sized for the home, call us. Our technician will visit the residence and do a load calculation. If the unit isn’t sized properly, we can install a new one that is appropriate for the home. When the unit is sized properly but isn’t cooling the residence adequately, we’ll determine where the problem lies and offer suggestions on how to rectify the problem.

Why Call Us?

With multiple HVAC service providers in the area, a homeowner may question why they should choose us. We work with clients to determine the solutions that best meet their needs rather than the ones that provide us with the most profit. AC² HVAC guarantees all work carried out by our team, and we require our technicians to undergo drug testing and screening, as we want you to feel confident allowing them into your home.

Our team works quickly to minimize disruptions to your life, and we refuse to sacrifice quality. Our customers deserve only the best. In addition, we always provide customers with a price before any work begins, as nobody likes surprises when the time comes to pay the bill. We ensure this is something you never have to deal with. Call us today for your HVAC system needs. Our technicians are ready to help in any way they can.

About AC² HVAC

AC² HVAC is excited to have the opportunity to work with you. Our goal is to solve your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality issues, and our team won’t stop working until you are completely satisfied. Call us for all of your tune-up, repair, installation, and replacement needs.

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